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      Bir Film has been handling the distribution of worldwide feature films in Turkey since 2002. In the last four years, Bir Film has released more than 50 quality world titles theatrically. Bir Film also handles the TV sales of more than 100 independent films in Turkey. Today with its precariously developed catalogue Bir Film is one of the leading independent film distributors in Turkey.

      We regard our scrupulous film selection strategy as the most important asset of our company. Though we are only releasing high quality films, not only arthouse films, but also commercial films with an artistic touch are being distributed by Bir Film. Within the four short years of companys life Bir Film strongly emphasised its innovative attitude. With bold decisions we experienced many ‘first’s in our market.

      "Italian For Beginners", a Silver Bear winner at the Berlin Film Festival in 2002, was the first theatrical release of Bir Film as well as the first "Dogme" film to be released in our territory. Followed by a well-praised first feature film, Alejandro Amenabar's "Thesis", Bir Film continued to release independent films such as "Tape" by director Richard Linklater, and "The Bank" from Australia's Robert Connolly.

      For over a decade, no Japanese films had been released in Turkey. "Dolls" from Takeshi Kitano was amongst the films that brought a new look, a new perspective for Turkish audiences. In the following years, Bir Film would continue to release more quality Far-Eastern titles such as "3-Iron", "Samaritan Girl", and "The Bow", "A Tale Of Two Sisters", "Acacia", "The Red Shoes" from South Korea; "Battle Royale", "Tony Takitani", "Audition", "Crying Out Love In The Center Of The World" from Japan.

      Bir Film has also released some feature documentaries such as "Super Size Me", and "Searching For Debra Winger". Also in out line-up were the first film from director Richard Kelly, "Donnie Darko", acclaimed director John Sayles’ latest film "Silver City", Roger Michell’s "Enduring Love", and Danny Boyle’s "Millions".

      Acclaimed German-Turkish filmmaker Fatih Akin’s first two feature films, "Short, Sharp Shock" and "In July"; a Turkish-Greek co-production, winner of many awards from worldwide film festivals, Semih Kaplanoglu’s "Angel’s Fall"; Danish director Lars Von Trier’s "Manderlay", and "The Five Obstructions", Radu Mihaileanu’s "Live And Become", Mikael Hafstrom’s Best Foreign Language Film Nominee film "Evil", Christoffer Boe’s Cannes Palme D’or winner "Reconstruction", and "Allegro", Dagur Kari’s "Noi Albinoi", and "Dark Horse", Lone Scherfig’s follow-up to "Italian For Beginners", "Wilbur Wants To Kill Himself", another Swedish Oscar nominee "As It Is In Heaven", a provocative French title from Jean-Claude Brisseau, "Secret Things", Yann Samuel’s "Love Me If You Dare" and Marjane Satrapi's "Persepolis" were amongst the European titles Bir Film has released in the last six years.

      Bir Film’s upcoming titles include many more quality films as well. Michael Haneke's upcoming "Funny Games", Richard Kelly's  "Southland Tales", Woody Allen's "Vicky Christina Barcelona" to name a few... Bir Film wishes to go on sharing many more quality films with the Turkish audiences in the upcoming years.

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